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Hosted by Efrem Zelony-Mindell and Drew Nikonowicz, Nothing Here is a space to discuss art, life, and everything in between. A place where we can be vulnerable and irreverent together. Episodes are recorded live on Twitch. We have a live audience, so their thoughts and questions are sometimes brought into the conversation. Tune in live for future episodes, we would love to have you!

Each episode has footnotes which outline funny, important and interesting moments along the way. They also include links to any artists or references. Click an episode for more information!

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Episode List:

13 | William Camargo
12 | lee rae walsh
11 | Terrance Purdy
BONUS | Efrem & Drew @ ACP
10 | Paras Vijan
09 | Ciaran Short
08 | Sheida Soleimani
07 | Efrem and Drew Apply to Graduate School
06 | Nick Norman
05 | Drew Sawyer
04 | Gross Humans
03 | Andre Ramos Woodard
02 | Rachel Youn
01 | Hello World
00 | Testing