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Through localhost we feature artists, pursue new ways of viewing and sharing art, and members convene virtually to hang out together. Access is important, and localhost’s projects are intended to be legible to folks from all backgrounds. Everyone should feel empowered to enjoy artists and their passions, not just those who have been ‘indoctrinated’ into the academic art world. localhost has produced exhibitions in Minecraft, exhibitions accessed through a remotely controlled telepresence rover, a community-funded artist residency, and more.

localhost is a term used in computer networking, which refers back to the source computer. The name is taken to illustrate that you can engage with the localhost community and programming remotely. We are everywhere and nowhere.

Become a member of localhost by joining the discord and following along on Instagram:

Join the Discord | ︎ @localhostgallery

You can also follow on Twitch - some localhost programming is broadcast over there on Drew’s channel.


localhost was started in 2016 and is run by Drew Nikonowicz.

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